Do Anything

And Everything

The limitless possibilities of Digital Signage

Advanced Digital Signage Solution

With our advanced digital signage solution there’s just so much you can do, there really is no limits. Take a look at some of the awesome features below:

Socalise Your Business by integrating Social Media

Would you like to show people what people are saying about your store? Or better yet, why not display your product and show people great comments they’re saying about that product? You can even show people who have checked into your store, why not create a social hangout? Integrating Social Media means you can get into the conversation!
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Integrate your Digital Signage to almost any External Data Source

Our Advanced solution can integrate with almost any External Data Source below are just a few of the Data Sources it can connect to:

  • An External Database
  • A POS system
  • An RSS feed like News or Weather
  • An excel spreadsheet
  • An XML file
  • and so much more!

Interactivity using SMS, a smartphone or NFC

Touch Screens is just one way to make your screens interactive.With our digital signage solution you can use SMS, a smartphone or NFC to allow users to help decide what content to display. The possibilities really are endless!

Display any type of Digital Media

With our Designer Software you can use any type of Digital Media to create engaging designs. Practically any image type, any video format, text or even scrolling text, flash files, Live Video feed, Rss Feed, Database source, just too many to name them all!

Create Multiple Zones and show more!

Create multiple zones on your screen allowing you to display multiple content types simultaneously. Just imagine displaying Live TV, an advertising banner and a News RSS feed all at the same time.

A Smart Management Server

A smart management server that not only allows you to remotely and centrally manage and distribute your content, but our smart management server allows you to group screens together for better management, schedule content to display content for specific times of the day, monitor the entire network of screens to view the status or even preview what each screen is showing. With our management server maintain your digital signage has never been easier!