Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

Go Digital! It’s never been easier or cheaper to implement your own Digital Menu Board. Digital menu boards have been proven to be more engaging and persuasive in helping restaurants, take away stores and fast food outlets increase revenue. Everyone is doing it so don’t fall behind!

How can Digital Menu Board be used for Restaurant?

Creative and engaging menus – attract your customers into your restaurant by using the latest digital menus

Display Emergency Messages – in the event of an emergency quickly and easily display an emergency message to your patrons and staff

Queuing systems – if you have an existing queuing system, let us entertain your clients whilst they are waiting for the orders, food or their ticket number

Live TV – Split your screen to display advertisements and Live TV to keep your patrons entertained

Music Video Clips – we’ve created a system that allows your patrons to be in control of what music is being played. We use our own custom built SMS solution to interact with the screen

Display specials, upcoming events, birthday messages and promotions – display this information on the fly or schedule it a day or week before. If you have a recurring event, then our Advanced Solution will automatically display this information on the scheduled date and time

Loyalty Programs –  Profile your customers purchasing patterns and display customer loyalty information whilst they are being served at the counter. By using our digital signage solution, we’ll be able to connect to your existing Loyalty Management System and display information that is relevant to your customer

Coupons – Interact with your customers via SMS or QR Codes. Maybe your customers didn’t read the latest email campaign with the discount coupons but why not offer this when your customers are actually in your restaurant. It could be a 10% off coupon for the next meal

Social Media – display positive feedback or comments from your different social media platforms in your restaurant. What better way to promote your restaurant  from people who are already talking about your food!

What are the benefits?

Quickly and easily update pricing and menu information without having to reprint. We can even integrate the digital menu board with your POS (Point of System) so that the information such as pricing, specials or menu descriptions are automatically displayed from your existing system. The information can also be automatically updated based on several factors (triggers) such as the weather. For example, if its a hot day then display a cold drink otherwise if it’s a cold day display a hot chocolate.

Display menu information based on the time of the day. For example, display the breakfast menu from 6am-9am and then display lunch menu from 9am till 2pm. This is all done automatically.

The solutions we supply will allow you to  remotely update the information via the Internet or you can locally synchronise the content via a USB drive

Use your existing advertising assets (music videos, digital banners, event posters, photos from Facebook)

Monitor and control your advertising campaigns  across all your restaurants, state wide or individual from your home or head office

We can create a full ordering system with our touchscreens solution so that your customers can be entertained after placing their orders

Our digital menu boards can be positioned in landscape or portrait. We can also split the screen with menu items and promotions, grab your latest Twitter or Facebook feeds, display live TV, display menu items based on the weather… the option is yours! We love to hear what you have in mind and we’ll even customise the solution for you

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Some Examples





Product Promotion, Promote Sales or Offers, Inform Customers, Engage and Interact with Customers, Create the Atmosphere



Engage and Interact with Students and Staff, Inform and Educate, Promote Events



Promote Menu Items, Engage and Interact with Patrons, Create the Atmosphere

Hospital main area

Medical Centres

Reduce Perception of Long Waiting Times, Educate and Inform on current Health Issues, Engage and Interact with Patients



Prepare Patients for Procedures, Educate and Inform Patients, Reduce Perception of Long Waiting Times, Engage and Interact with Patients



Grab Attention, Stand out from the Others, Display rich content such as Video, Promote Products and Services in a visually appealing way