Digital Signage in the Retail Industry

How can Digital Signage be used in Retail?

Video Walls – capture your customers attention by showcasing specials, video promotions on a video wall. You know what they say, the bigger the better.

Loyalty Programs –  Profile your customers purchasing patterns and display customer loyalty information whilst they are being served at the counter. By using our digital signage solution, we’ll be able to connect to your existing Retail and Loyalty Management System and display information that is relevant to your customer.

POS (Point of Service) Integration – Display real time prices and promotional information at the point of sale. Recent market research shows that digital point of sale signage has a convincing impact on the overall sales of the products and services and thus increase profits.

Coupons – Interact with your customers via SMS or QR Codes. Maybe your customers didn’t read the latest email campaign with the discount coupons but why not offer this when your customers are actually in your store and are thinking about making a purchase. It could be that 10% off coupon being offered in the store that may push the customer to buy the product.

Wayfinding and Interactivity – We’ll help your customers quickly and easily locate your products through the use of wayfinding technologies. If you customers needed more information about any specific products, we’ll install a interactive system to educate your customers about the products they are purchasing. More importantly, we’ll let your customers be in control.

Social Media – display positive feedback or comments from your different social media platforms in your store. What better way to promote your products from people who are already talking about your products!

Audio – Use visual and audio techniques to draw customers into your retail store. Our solution will allow you to not only display content on the screen, but it will allow you to also play background audio (radio, video or music clips) within the store to create the perfect ambiance.  How about playing the same content and audio clips across all your stores at the same time!

Running a sale? Manage your sales through our Advertising Platform called Squeak. By simply adding your sale to Squeak, your advertisements will not only be displayed in the store, but it will be also distributed across various media platforms.

What are the benefits?

Our goal is to help you further understand your customer’s purchasing decisions and up/cross sell your products through digital signage to increase sales.

Use your existing advertising assets (videos, digital banners, posters)

Monitor and control your advertising campaigns  across all your stores, state wide or individual store from head office.

Our system will provide you with detailed reports of when and how many times your advertising campaign was played. With this information you will be able to correlate and analyse played content against your sales reports and include this with your management reports.

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Some Examples




Product Promotion, Promote Sales or Offers, Inform Customers, Engage and Interact with Customers, Create the Atmosphere



Engage and Interact with Students and Staff, Inform and Educate, Promote Events



Promote Menu Items, Engage and Interact with Patrons, Create the Atmosphere

Hospital main area

Medical Centres

Reduce Perception of Long Waiting Times, Educate and Inform on current Health Issues, Engage and Interact with Patients



Prepare Patients for Procedures, Educate and Inform Patients, Reduce Perception of Long Waiting Times, Engage and Interact with Patients



Grab Attention, Stand out from the Others, Display rich content such as Video, Promote Products and Services in a visually appealing way