Social Wall

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Introducing Social Wall, our custom solution for creating a dynamic and engaging social wall using your social media accounts.

Businesses who are already using social media to connect with customers and the general public, can take advantage of this unique solution.

Why not use the same social information on your digital screens! We’ve integrated this solution to our own digital signage platform and has already been used and tested by our clients.

Key Features

  • Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest
  • Allows you to display multiple accounts from the same social media platform
  • Option to enable/disable scrolling
  • Option to display the number of columns on the wall
  • Design can be customised to suit your branding (additional costs)


  • Keep content fresh and up to date
  • Updating the content is simple and can be done via your mobile phone or a web browser using your social media tools
  • Engage with your customers


This is perfect for exhibitions, events, window shopfronts, corporate reception areas and many more.  The possibilities are endless.

UNSW Social Wall

It’s simple to use and it’s one of the most cost effective digital signage solutions on the market.


Need to go social?

Try Social Wall now!