Video Walls

A Video Wall is a series of screens connected together to form a larger display solution. It is used to showcase, engage and create stunning visuals for any type of business on a large display unit.

We can setup your traditional rectangular Video Wall or even a unique shape.

Install a Video Wall at your reception, conference room, trade show, shopping centres, airports or any public areas to get your communication message across to visitors, customers and employees.

Key Features

  • Utra-narrow bezels – we use LED screens with a combined bezel-to-bezel thickness of 5.5mm
  • Internal software for configuring each screen to be part of a 2-250 screen Video Wall
  • Reduce electricity consumption by 40% compared to CCFL-based panel screens
  • Ability to support 4K resolution (optional)
  • Display different types of content on one large screen, individually or whichever screen you prefer
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