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SMSme is not just another notification system, it’s a communication system. With SMSme you can now create a Communication Channel between Teachers and Parents. Allowing teachers to keep parents informed on how their child is progressing but can also be used to obtain parental explanation on why their child’s homework was not completed. Our easy to use Online Management System can integrate with your schools database and allow Teachers to select an individual student or their entire class and communicate directly with the students parents.

The school can also use this system to:

  • Keeping parents informed or obtain parental explaination on things such as Student being Late or absent
  • Emergency notifications – Let parents know when there’s a Teachers Strike or a School evacuation
  • Performing Automated Two-way Communication E.g. Surveys, Poles
  • Organize appointments/Appointment reminders e.g Organise Parent Teacher Nights
  • Allow parents to obtain information e.g. Inform parents of an upcoming event and at the same time why not send them a link to the event webpage?
QEII SMS template

QEII SMS template

Allow teachers to engage with Parents

Making Digital Signage Interactive

Using SMSme you can make your Digital Signage interactive. Just imagine the power you can give your users by letting them decide what content to display or why not allow your customers to obtain information.

  • Let users decide what content to display. For example, just imagine you displayed a number of News headlines, the customer can SMS which News Story to play or why not allow customer to decide which movie trailer they’d like to see?
  • Alternatively, why not send the user a link so they can view the content on their phone?
  • You can also create a  user generated playlists. You can use your Digital Signage as a music Jukebox and customers can simply SMS to add the music video to the queue!
  • Tourism Malaysia goes Social at the Backpackers Expo 2012


Let users decided what content to display

Real Estate

With SMSme you can allow prospects to obtain details of a property straight to their mobile phone. It’s simple, a prospect takes a look at properties in front of your window shop front or better yet they walk past a Real Estate sign in front of a house. What’s the easiest way for the prospect to obtain the details of the property? Simply SMS the house ID to a mobile number and the prospect will receive a link to the property on their mobile phone. But the best part is that as a Real Estate agent you know that prospect is a prospect and you can contact them to discuss what other properties are in the area.

  • Allow prospects to obtain property details to their mobile phone
  • Get prospects to SMS to obtain the price or address of a property
  • Obtain mobile numbers of potential buyers
  • Automatically set appointments or confirm appointments

SMS Real Estate Example

Send property details to a users mobile phone while obtaining their contact details

The Possibilities are Endless!

Our SMSme System is so robust and scalable that it can be used in so many ways, whether you’re looking to push SMS campaigns, perform two-way conversations, automate a process, interact with customers or integrate it with an existing system then SMSme can help. Talk to us about your idea and we’ll help you achieve your objective!

SMSme the new way to interact

SMSme dashboard

How much will it cost?

SMS is one of the most cost effective communication channels. With SMSme you pay a monthly fee this will give you access to the Online Management System, a Virtual Mobile Number and 100 SMS each month, then you simply pay for what you use! The more you use the cheaper it gets!

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