QR Codes

The future of digital marketing. A popular way to quickly and easily engage visitors.

We offer a number of creative QR ideas for your next digital marketing campaign:


scan to check in

Scan to Check In

Scan the QR code to show your visitor’s social network where they are or have been.  This is the perfect way to recommend their friends or other users where to go next. More importantly, reward your visitors who are currently on your premises and let them spread the word.


Scan to Like

The quick and easy way to like a Facebook business page. You don’t have to type long URL’s and navigate through several pages to Like a page. Engage your visitors and increase your customer base. Add a QR code to Like!


Scan to Print

Print a coupon or promotional flyer on demand. This custom solution will display the QR code on a digital screen and when scanned, your visitor will receive a print out of the coupon and it will be automatically added to your digital coupon wallet. What better way to manage, track and print your coupons.


Scan to Download

Download any digital content straight to your phone. Walk away knowing you have the content when you need it most. Download games, documents, ringtones, videos, images, email and links by simply scanning a custom QR code. 


Scan to Play

Trigger based QR codes will keep your customers and visitors engaged. When scanned our system will automatically interact with the digital screen or even another device. For example, scan a QR code and it will automatically play a music clip. 

Advertise Me custom QR code

Scan Custom QR Codes

We will design a custom QR code to match your brand and marketing campaign. We will make your business stand out from your competitors.


Point and Scan

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