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The Future is Digital Signage

Is your business digitally ready?

Advertise Me Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage is changing how consumers interact and engage with businesses, no longer is Digital Signage just about displaying images or videos. With consumers going 'all digital' it makes sense for businesses to interact and engage in the same way. The possibilities really are endless. Talk to us if you want your future to be digital.

Digital Signage Solutions

UNSW CSSC Wayfinding

We believe Digital Signage is more than just about displaying content on a screen. It’s about advertising and communicating with your audience but doing it in an engaging and interactive way. At Advertise Me we use the latest technologies and digital trends to show businesses the possibilities of Digital Signage and how it can achieve your business goals and so much more.

Digital Signage Solutions

We make Digital Signage Interactive

Digital Signage Touchscreen - Samsung

Would you like users to be able to interact with your business? Touch Screens is just one way. What about using SMS to allow users to decide what content to display? What about using a smartphone app to interact with the screen? We can even integrate Social Media. Get the conversation started!

Digital Interactive Solutions

SMSme – Communic8


SMSme is a communication and interactive platform. We use the basic technology of SMS to allow businesses to communicate with their customers and it can also perform automated two-way communication e.g. Make or Confirm Appointments, Run Pools or Surveys. Alternatively, it can be even used to interact with your Digital Signage! Why not allow users to determine what content to display?

SMSme – Communic8

Squeak – The new way to shop


Squeak is our new digital advertising platform. It allows businesses to advertise their sales, offers or products to consumers in an interactive and social way. We believe it’s going to be the new way to shop! Look out for this space!


The Other Things We Do

Digital Interaction - touchscreen xbox kinect leapmotion

One of the main things we love doing is helping businesses put together their Digital Strategy but we also perform tonnes of Research and Development on the latest digital technology. We then use this knowledge to demonstrate and help businesses understand how to benefit and leverage these technologies.

The other things

Our Latest News and Blog Articles

Video Conference Monitoring and Digital Signage

Video Conference Monitoring and Digital Signage

This was a custom solution we built for the University of New South Wales. We showcased our technical and innovative skills by integrating an existing Video Conferencing system with digital signage. The requirement was to build a monitoring solution for their Cisco Video Conferencing system that quickly displayed which units were down and what they […]

Digital Signage Players Explained

Digital Signage Players Explained

The first question is ‘What is a digital signage player?’ A digital signage player is a hardware device that connects to a display screen, it runs a particular software which allows you to display the content on the screen. In actual fact a digital signage player is no different to a small Personal Computer. They […]

Digital Signage Touchscreens

Digital Signage Touchscreens

Before the era of digital signage there was the traditional medium of communication. That involved a huge black and white television and a huge computer. These giant machines not only use to acquire a lot of space, they were also very costly for the average business to purchase. Using digital signage has now become a […]